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This is a guest post that originally appeared on Search Engine Land.

SEO site audits should all be at least a bit unique. Everyone has their own process for pricing and conducting SEO audits, but one of the important things to keep in mind is the different needs of different types of sites.

The core issues and focuses in auditing a twenty page B2B lead gen site will be very, very different than the key things you want to think about and address in auditing a large e-commerce site.

The same is true of conducting an SEO audit on a publishing or news oriented site, and as a result I wanted to call out five key considerations that you’ll need to account for in your SEO audits for publishing sites (in addition to all of the typical blocking and tackling you’ll want to consider in any SEO audit).

Scalable, Flexible Information Architecture

Obviously, thinking through information architecture is important for every site, but with publishing sites it’s particularly important to consider ways that you can structure the site to help account for the fact that:

  • They’ll likely be adding several pieces of content per day/week
  • Much of that content will often be very time-sensitive
  • The aggregate of that content will often drive significantly more organic search traffic than any of their static category pages (and even the site’s home page)

As a result, you’ll want to identify different ways to pull archived content closer to (as in: fewer clicks away from) the site’s home page (which conserves most of the link equity); and, you’ll also want to find a way to get more link equity to newer pages. A few tactics that will work for most sites in doing this include:


One opportunity to “flatten” your site’s information architecture is to move from simply having “previous and next” links on your home and category pages, including numerical pagination (1, 2, 3, etc.) to allow you to keep more historical content closer to the site and category home pages. Obviously you’ll want to be sure to adhere to general pagination best practices.

An example of deeper pagination to get more archived content closer to the home page.

Visit Search Engine Land to read the full article.

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